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                                                              Hi Everyone!



I am Brian Morris aged 69 years and retired from Pastoring Oakdale Baptist church Caerphilly County, UK.


I am one of 9 children born to my late dear mother Audrey. We grew up poor but happy in a very busy household. Without ever knowing my father or even his name, I was adventurous to see the world. I left school at 15 without any qualifications and our home a year later to live in London where I began my life into the world of drugs and travel.


I moved to Holland in 1975 up until until my arrest in 1995 leaving my two month old son with his mum on a drug smuggling trip. I served five years of an initial twelve years sentence. My story is told in my 2003 Autobiography as seen in my introductory page. 

I got married in 2004 just three years after leaving prison and became a step-father to four children, three boys and a girl aged between four and ten. I became a father again and my daughter was born in 2005 . 


I worked for two years caring for a man with cerebral palsy and then for sixteen months as caretaker of the local community center. I was hungry to learn so I decided to get more into bible study. I left my job to become a full time student at the Bible College of Wales.

Finally equipped with a degree in Theology, five years pastoral training at the Bible College of Wales and the South Wales Baptist College, I became Pastor of Oakdale Baptist Church.

Things progressed and we were happy and were able to travel as a family to many different countries. Then

sadly after eight years of marriage we decided it was not working out between us. Yet we remain friends until this day and I see my daughter regularly. My son who was 2 months old when I was arrested was restored to me and we have a wonderful relationship today.


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