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Chased by the Dragon
Caught by the Lamb
Written by Brian Morris
Audio Version

Narrated by Tom Fria

Paperback ISBN



This fast moving and sometimes disturbing book starts at the point where Brian is about to be arrested for smuggling a kilogram of cocaine into the country in 1995 worth a police estimate of one and a half million pounds, earning him a prison sentence of 12 years.

The book continues by telling how he arrived at that point – his disadvantaged life, growing up in Wales in impoverished circumstances with a number of brothers and sisters, all with the same mother but several different fathers.


He tells of his first experience with drugs at the tender age of 16, and how by the time he was 19 he had met a Dutch girl and moved to Holland.

The book continues to chart his descent into drugs and drug dealing, and how after his break-up with the Dutch girl, he decides to go to Sri Lanka to start a new life, only to get involved in drug smuggling between Sri Lanka and India, whilst living with a poor fisherman and his family who showed him great kindness.

He describes life as a dealer and the many smuggling trips to and from different countries, before he was finally arrested in Swansea, the point at which the book starts.

The rest of the book deals with his Christian conversion, and the difficulties experienced by him and other prisoners who tried to live out their Christian lives in a harsh and hostile prison environment, and how, in spite of the pressures temptations and setbacks, including seeing fellow believers take their own lives whilst in prison or very shortly after release, because of good behavior his prison term is vastly reduced, and he is finally released.


He starts to train to help others overcome the horror which drug involvement brings into a persons life,  showing them how they can receive new life in Jesus.


Although the book deals with very real and sometimes harrowing situations it is not without a wry humour.

The book will appeal to all those who have ever wondered what life is really like in some of Britain’s best known high security jails, those who have loved ones who are still dependent on drugs, those who want to better understand why people are attracted to drugs in the first place, and those who enjoy a good story, well told, with all the emotional highs and lows that one would expect from such a tale. 


Author and Broadcaster David Waite

The book is available by the author in Kindle HERE

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0C9MDBMSF

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