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Chased by the Dragon Caught by the Lamb

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Staring down a police gun barrel and sick with cold turkey, Brian Morris had hit rock bottom. His life was in tatters, and a long spell in prison lay inevitably ahead. Yet somehow, this moment proved to be the turning point that saved and changed him for ever.

Join Brian as he gives a full and entertaining account of his life as an international drug dealer and long-term prisoner. Sometimes funny, sometimes shocking but always gripping, ‘Chased by the Dragon Caught by the Lamb’ is the amazing story of a man who finally found satisfaction in his search for the ultimate high.
(David Waite, writer & broadcaster)

This fast moving and sometimes disturbing book starts at the point where Brian is about to be arrested for smuggling a kilogram of cocaine into the country in 1995 worth a police estimate of one and a half million pounds, earning him a prison sentence of 12 years.

The book continues by telling how he arrived at that point – his disadvantaged life, growing up in Wales in impoverished circumstances with a number of brothers and sisters, all with the same mother but several different fathers.   He tells of his first experience with drugs at the tender age of 16, and how by the time he was 19 he had met a Dutch girl and moved to Holland.
The book continues to chart his descent into drugs and drug dealing, and how after his break-up with the Dutch girl, he decides to go to Sri Lanka to start a new life, only to get involved in drug smuggling between Sri Lanka and India, whilst living with a poor fisherman and his family who showed him great kindness.
He describes life as a dealer and the many smuggling trips to and from different countries, before he was finally arrested in Swansea, the point at which the book starts.
The rest of the book deals with his Christian conversion, and the difficulties experienced by him and other prisoners who tried to live out their Christian lives in a harsh and hostile prison environment, and how, in spite of the pressures temptations and setbacks, including seeing fellow believers take their own lives whilst in prison or very shortly after release, because of good behaviour his prison term is vastly reduced, and he is finally released, and starts to train to help others overcome the horror which drug involvement brings into a persons life, and showing them how they can receive new life in Jesus.   Although the book deals with very real and sometimes harrowing situations it is not without a wry humour.
The book will appeal to all those who have ever wondered what life is really like in some of Britain’s best known high security jails, those who have loved ones who are still dependent on drugs, those who want to better understand why people are attracted to drugs in the first place, and those who enjoy a good story, well told, with all the emotional highs and lows that one would expect from such a tale.
Author Liz Hinds

Many of the events in this book aren’t pretty, but a book about drug dealing and wild living is never likely to be a pleasant read. Here, however, the narrator has undergone a complete change of heart and is able to own up to the wrongs in his past, and the resulting story makes a satisfying read.
As a teenager, Brian Morris became involved with the local drug scene and soon progressed to become not only a user but a dealer with an international reputation. His life was inevitably going to lead to prison or an early death.

When Brian was arrested, he left his two-month-old baby son was in Holland with his girlfriend, an addict with psychiatric problems. His anxiety for his son and the knowledge that his family would find out about his lifestyle caused him, in desperation to turn to the God he’d heard about when he’d been a teenager.

During the five years he was in prison, Brian’s relationship with God was to be the sustaining force.This is a painfully honest story from a gentle and humble man. The story doesn’t end with the book – the search for a job after prison continues – but it does offer a hope for a better future.

GoodBookStall Review: Lesley Marshall

This is the autobiographical account of a heroin addict and international drug dealer whose life seems completely hopeless when he is convicted of a long prison sentence and undergoes ‘cold turkey’. Ironically this is his salvation and Brian Morris tells a hugely readable story, ‘warts and all’ of how he found a growing faith in God and how his faith not only helped him cope with prison life, but also how God used him in his situation. Although sometimes shocking this book is also humorous, marvelous and full of miracles. Very colloquially written, I loved this book.


19/11/2010 12:07:02 PM

Hi Brian – Ive just ordered it, I remember you back then ofcourse and our lifestyles were pretty out of control. You were always a good guy,
never turning a friend away – drugs are pervasive, they get into your life and control everything we do, theres no easy way to quit – it takes determination and strength – you obviously have both. Hope to see you when I visit The Hague sometime.
19/11/2010 10:42:11 AM
thank you brian for sharing your story.
Mirjam Scheidegger, Switzerland
25/10/2010 12:12:29 PM
thank you brian for sharing your story. just a few minutes before I finished the book. it’s very encouraging for me. God bless you and all your ways.
Bernice Chiswell from Bedford
I love to hear about people whose lives have been radically changed by an encounter with Jesus. Many are cynical about Christianity, but Jesus is as relevant today as he was 2000 years ago –
Christianity is not about a set of rules – it is about asking God
into our lives and saying sorry for where we have messed up – it really IS life changing – keep telling your story Brian!
Thu Dec 27 11:14:51 2007
Richard Deck from New Zealand
Good for you Brian. I’m glad you’ve found peace in Christ Jesus.
Thu Sep 27 09:51:43 2007
Paul Gualieri
Mon Feb 9 14:58:22 2009
It’s really encouraging to see others be public about what God has done. I myself grew up in Hollywood, California. At…age 13 I left home to run the streets and party and fool around. Before I knew it I was using meth and coke and everything else
that goes along with it. God had orchestrated me to move to Arizona where I became a Christian shortly after moving there. I have now been a Christian for 22 years. I was instantly set free from drugs and insanity. I too am married and have six children.
Praise God and keep going.
Anthony Burridge
4/4/200911:10:02 AM

Hi Brian, Looked at your site today and still browsing through it. I think that you have lived a traumatic rehabilitation, it has been slow and I know it will be everlasting. Fascinating story. Good luck to you.

Vicki Sandall (KCLR 96fm) – Kilkenny, Ireland.
Thank you Brian for doing an interview with me which will be broadcast on 19/09/09 at approx 9.20am. Incidentally this can be heard live at I pray that what God has done in and through your life might give hope to others
who hear your story and ultimately bring them into a relationship with Himself.
Great testamony!! 6 Mar 2011
By gmakim Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept my interest throughout and I was invested in his life and what happened to him right from the start. I have lived with alcoholics and people on drugs and I love hearing how people have overcome that and given their lives to the Lord. What an inspiring story and one I will recommend to all my family and friends.

Couldn’t put it down!
25 Mar 2014
By welsh user Published on
Format: Paperback
The writers give good incite to a world that a lot of us are not familiar with: but we are drawn in and become part of the story as we watch this young man’s life from close-up,

Authentic Spiritual Awakening
2 Nov 2011
By Theodore D Wegener Published on
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I liked Brian’s addiction memoir. It was an easy read. I have quite a few addiction memoirs and this is one of the better ones. I believe his spiritual awakening while confined in England’s prisons is authentic. I actually sent a copy of this book to the daughter of a friend of mine who was in jail on heroin possession charges in the hope she would like it. She did. I can in good conscience recommend this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars brilliant story 6 Feb 2014
By Lynne
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Would highly recommend this book, very enjoyable reading
Deserved the five stars which I have given, no stone un- turned
Well done Brian!!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Enlightened 25 Aug 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I loved this book and felt very enlightened by the time I had finished it and would love to hear more on where the characters are now. I have also recommended this book to friends for them to purchase. A really enjoyable read.


4.0 out of 5 stars Catchy Title – Good Read 22 Sep 2012
By SozoPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition
Good book with a good story of one who was caught in the underside of this world and found the only way out. He tells of the consequences of his actions and of those around him. He is amazingly delivered from this lifestyle and went on to help others out.
4.0 out of 5 stars Authentic Spiritual Awakening 17 Jan 2012
By Ted AdamsonPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition
I guess I am becoming somewhat of an expert in “Addiction Memoirs”, having written one myself and read at least four and more on the way.

This review is being written from memory as I can’t find my copy of Brian’s book. His story is interesting and authentic. The beginning is the story of his drug dealing and then progresses to his time in prison. I would say his actual writing skills are average but the story is good.

The most important part is that it is an authentic spiritual awakening. As far as I can tell, Brian seems to have really found The forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ and he writes in a way that some addicts could accept.

I also thought the seciton on his reconciliation with his son in prison was moving. And I like the poem at the end which talks about the existence of the Devil. If you are a Christian or an aspiring Christian you will probably like this book.

Ted Adamson
Author of “Up From Down- a true story of recovery from addiction